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We Help Environmental & Energy Companies in Finding Targeted Solutions to Remove More Pollution, Produce More Energy and Reduce Greenhouse Gases, In 4 Simple Steps.


Waste Transformation

The first step to take is to transform all your waste into value. Our asset is doing that in a fully natural way. To this end, there are many tools (currently unused) you already own and you can use right now to achieve this goal. Even better, you have not to invest additional money.

Energy Generation

The second step to take is how to value such new tools you want to use for boosting your business. That's why the selection of these tools is very important. You want to rely on additional, inexpensive and highly available tools that allow you to generate natural energy as a byproduct.

Carbon Abatement

The third step is a consequence of previous two. In fact, if your company transforms all waste and/or generates green energy by leveraging the power of local resources, your carbon footprint will also dramatically drop. Plus, you'll help your clients doing the same.

There are no problems of pollution cannot be solved. But what most people don’t know, is that we can use many inexpensive and local resources to do that. Moreover, in most cases we can recover energy for free by the process. So, are you ready to set a new standard? 

dr. Graziano Beolchi, CEO Cleankeeping

What Sets Us Apart

We help companies working in the environmental and energy sectors becoming more productive. We apply a step by step strategy aimed at identifying what solutions are best to improve business without the need of investing additional money. Start with what you have right now.

Where there is some kind of pollution, we've the solution!

  • ​How to use natural materials to remove pollution
  • How to generate additional energy meanwhile & for free
  • How to almost erase the carbon footprint of the industry

What To Expect At Least

> 50 %
More Remediation
> 35 %
More Energy
Cost Savings

Our Latest Project

Remedial Energy is a very special strategy to help energy companies and governments boosting the sustainable development by using natural, locally available resources. In short, the application of such natural tools included into the right strategy allows to give their waste much more value and transform them into new natural energy basically for free.

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Our Services

We create value from waste (including contaminated ones, we are the only company doing that with natural solutions) and environmental issues your company is striving to solve. We show you what to do step by step in order to make your business more efficient ad profitable, focusing the attention on your constant growth over time.

Direct Trainings and Customized Solutions

We setup with you the right solution to increase the value of your business, depending on your specific activity. This does mean that we provide customized, step by step trainings with simulations and discussions of most relevant cases of success. This is not just "theory". You can verify and estimate the benefits for your business and request a specialized training to your most urgent needs.

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Environmental issues are very many and we know they may have so different solutions. However, the strategy is the same. We have the goal to make more effective remediation and natural energy generation with locally available tools. That's all. And it fits for all..