The Strategy

From Waste To Waste For Energy

The Foundation For A Successful Business In The Energy & Environment Sectors

You have a company working in the environmental and/or energy sector and you want to make your business more sustainable, greener, cleaner and more convenient, if possible able to attract more clients and being perceived as an innovator, a leader in your space.

That's why we created this strategy, to overcome the old fashioned concept of "waste for energy" to give a huge competitive advantage to companies willing to accept the challenge.

The challenge is: how can we transform even polluted waste and all currently not used but available biomass to generate clean energy, basically for free?

We shaped the "from waste to waste for energy" unique strategy, in order to add a single but extremely important step to the "from waste to energy" concept.

The Strategy Explained

We can now use some readily available waste (or some selected and available biomasses that currently are wasted) to remove pollution from other wastes (even the most contaminated ones).

By doing so with a natural, not expensive process we also recover a significant amount of clean energy.

Bottom line, your business gains a triple advantage: improved disposal of waste, pollution remediation and energy generation from scratch. All at the same time!

Every company has a unique asset, despite the similar purpose in matter of pollution remediation or energy generation. As such, every training we design and present is unique. Working with you and your team, we work together to determine what your ideal tools are for removing or degrade pollution, for creating new natural energy from scratch along the process and even to remove greenhouse gases, according to your needs and company's features. This then gives us the foundation to design a creative and adaptable training specifically targeted to your environmental & energy needs.

What kind of resources can you add to your activity chain for free in order to make your business more effective and able to attract more clients?

How can we present the most appropriate solutions for making them easy to implement in your daily practice?

How can you schedule your activities over time and monitor the progress, being able to make some adjustments and upgrades along the way?

Answering these questions takes thoughtful consideration, and we’ll help you discover the right solutions. We work with you to develop a powerful strategy that will give consistent results over time. 

With clients all over the world, these meetings are typically conducted via GoToMeeting or Skype. During these calls, you'll talk directly with Dr. Graziano Beolchi, CEO of Cleankeeping, to define how our big strategy can fit your needs.

Once done, a live training plus a dedicated software for managing/tracking the work will be provided to you. By doing so, you'll get the knowledge and the managing tool for transforming the theory into the best practice right away.

The whole strategy is made by 4 steps, that you find briefly described below.



You learn how to select some profitable and environmentally - friend natural resources. Such resources must respond to at least three important requisites to get the most benefits from their application.

In the selection phase, we define a precise description of most suitable resources you need to use for getting the best results. This first moment is the real foundation and selected resources respond to at least three basic requisites.

The first requisite is that selected resources are available in large quantity and in a short range from your business activity. In case this requisite cannot be satisfied, we may use an equally viable alternative.

The second requisite is that selected resources ensure the highest remediation and energy yield possible. The comparison with current regulations is needed to take the final decision on the use.

The third requisite is only a suggestion, although important for your business. Selected resources should allow to recover all removed pollutants. This guarantees the recycle of some precious materials/elements for the production chain.



You learn how to select the right natural process to boost your business. Depending on your starting conditions, it may be necessary to carry out a pre-treatment of your previously selected resources. All must work fine.

In the setup phase, we prepare the resources previously collected. In some cases, there will be no need of doing anything, because selected materials work fine as they are.

In other cases, a small pre-treatment may be necessary. It's however a simple task, and we'll present you the precise step by step sequence of required actions. In most occasions, it's about dipping the material into a liquid solution to improve their pollution removal capability. This basically happens only when you deal with water pollution.

The setup phase covers all aspects you must take care of before to start applying the selected solution. This means that depending on such solution you should prepare some additional tools and/or containers for the method to work at its best.

During the live training you'll be guided precisely on what to do step by step with the help of a unique and easy to use software for tracking your work and monitoring the progress on a weekly basis. We've got you covered for everything.



You learn how to take care of all relevant aspects during the work and avoid side effects may occur along the process. A special software for managing your work will help you day by day to get the best result.

In the startup phase, the selected solution starts working. During the process, it may be possible to make some adjustments in order to avoid unwanted effects.

The software we'll provide you will help you identifying signs that lead to a variation along the way. You must take care of some highly relevant parameters, just like temperature, pH value, contact time between the polluted matrix and resources used for remediation, among others.

Timing is the most important feature of this crucial phase. You'll see that depending on resources and the specific natural process, a longer or a shorter duration time may result in significantly different outcomes.

The final goal for this phase is to get the best from the process (whatever your ultimate goal, environmental remediation and/or energy creation plus carbon abatement). In the fourth, last phase, you'll further improve the effectiveness of your solution to get even more benefits over time.



You learn how to tweak the system for getting better results over time. You can do this by acting in two ways. The first one, is the addition of additional resources. The other, the creation of a complex solution.

In the sustain phase, you find the key of making the solution sustainable over and over again. What you do not want is the method working for a few months or years only.

Wouldn’t it be great if simply having a couple of natural solutions was all you needed to do? Well, it’s not. You have to include your solution into a broader "industrial strategy" to get similar or even better results over time. To be honest, you want to improve your results over time, because markets as well as environmental conditions are constantly changing. We help you achieving such sustainability, in a short amount of time.

First, we assess all opportunities available in your area and fill a detailed database of most suitable resources and methods. We explore opportunities for networking to leverage the power of cooperating with some companies may become yours trusted "zero-cost suppliers" of the most available and effective natural resources.

Finally we present to you the detailed plan for integrating your solution to make it much more sustainable over time. You'll find how, where and why to apply such integrations. Even better, the software we'll give you keeps all these information clearly explained for your total benefit. 

What are the benefits of the "from waste to waste for energy" strategy?
  • Generate more clean energy from scratch with no additional investments
  • Remove more pollution without the need to rely on additional tools
  • Dramatically reduce the need of waste disposal (you turn them into a valuable resource for both removing other pollutants and/or create energy for free)
  • Establish yourself and your company like THE expert in this mind-blowing innovation for the whole environmental & energy sector
  • Gain a predictable system for generating additional income, income that you are currently missing out on
  • Access to a massive database of solutions and site-specific strategies you'll be able to leverage for years to come
  • Increase clients for your business

If it seems like a fit for your business, please contact us to start a discussion.

Again, every business requires a unique strategy. We’ll work with you to design the right campaign to meet your goals.