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By Graziano Beolchi | Updates

Feb 03

Cleankeeping has a new style, here the news about our more business-to-business oriented activity for energy & environment.

We decided to make Cleankeeping more focused on helping business working in the environmental services big niche. This does mean that if you are looking for improving your business and you work in such niche, this is the right place.

You can find the three most relevant features below.

1) Cleankeeping focuses the attention on B2B

We know about the importance of making companies more sustainable over time. that's why we decided to target our website to the entire niche of "environmental services", including the generation of clean energy from waste.

However, despite the common belief, you'll see that Cleankeeping is always looking for solutions able to remove pollution, create energy and improve the wise disposal of waste at the very same time.

And all that is possible without the need of any additional investments by the company.

We launched our proprietary strategy called "From Waste To Waste For Energy". We added the "missing ring" to the old-school concept of "energy from waste".

50 %
More Remediation Possible
35 %
More Energy Possible

This strategy envisages the application of some waste or whatever currently not used natural material to remove pollution from a contaminated site or waste (from waste to waste).

This treatment is carried out with a totally natural process, such as composting (among others, it depends on many factors).

During this process, we recover energy from it, This does mean that we achieve three great and always more important outcomes:

  1. Wiser disposal of waste or bulking materials
  2. Natural remediation of pollution from other waste or sites
  3. Energy recovery from the very same process

So, do you see the extreme importance and convenience made available by this strategy? Cleankeeping helps companies of the "environmental services" top niche achieving success by following four simple but essential steps. Click here to learn more about this strategy, and if you think this would be of help for your business let's talk for finding the best solution.

2) Cleankeeping currently provides 4 top-notch trainings

At this time, we setup four comprehensive trainings you can request for making your business stand out from the competition. These trainings represent the practical implementation of our proprietary strategy. You can find more information about each of them below.

The first training is addressed to the environmental remediation. If your company is working in the pollution removal sector, you are going to benefit a lot from it. In fact, you discover what you can use, right now, to increase your pollution removal effectiveness by leveraging the power of what your already own. Even if you didn't use it yet.

The second training is addressed to the generation of new energy from scratch, with a special focus on the "energy from waste" niche. Again, you are not going to learn "other" ways to generate more energy. What you'll see is the precise sequence of steps to enhance your energy generation capability without the need to invest additional money, neither rely on special equipments, heavy machinery or external supplies. Bottom line, you can generate much more energy right now, by leveraging the power of natural and local resources you or your clients already own.

The third training is addressed to the direct removal of greenhouse gases. This doesn't mean just "how to remove emissions". We go further. We target already released greenhouse gases, like CO2 and methane, and we remove them from the atmosphere in a totally natural way. These solutions are highly feasible by every company. So, if you are looking for a solution to make the best possible impact to climate change, now you can. Let's talk about that at your convenience. We are here to help.

The last training is addressed to the energy generation through natural remediation of pollution in the most hard-to-treat sites, namely military bases and conflict areas. A huge opportunity for boosting the so-called "Energy Peacebuilding". It's a very special training, so we are not going to say too much about it right now. However, if you want to learn more information, just drop us a line.

In the future, we'll make available another great opportunity for new entrepreneurs who want to enter the market of "environmental & energy services" big niche. So, if you are thinking about to create a new company to work in this niche, you'll find a top-notch training to follow for starting at best and becoming as soon as possible an authority on your space.

Stay tuned for more information!

3) Cleankeeping is growing on LinkedIn

Another very important innovation for Cleankeeping is the work on the most important socila network for professionals: LinkedIn. We decided to be more present on it because we want to create a highly targeted group of professionals to discuss about news, solutions, opportunities and trends in the environmental & energy business.

Follow our group on LinkedIn

So, we strongly suggest to follow our LinkedIn group, where you'll learn more about the practical implementation of our proprietary strategy for making your business more attractive to clients. We focus the attention on how to improve the environmental remediation of pollution, how to create more natural energy, and how to remove greenhouse gases. All with great natural innovations, you can use for the benefit of your company to attract more clients. Your offer will be way more attractive than your competitors, because you provide more benefits at lower costs. And clients will come to you in droves, making you THE leader of your niche.

This group is also important for networking purposes. This means that you can find partners, suppliers, co-workers and whoever you need to improve your business. A great help from a private group of "industry leaders" willing to make impact and set a new standard for the environment and the energy.

Cleankeeping is here to help companies working in the environmental & energy sector to boost their business. This is the best way to serve the environment. In fact, by removing pollution, generating more natural energy and lowering greenhouse gases at the very same time, we'll show what the term "sustainability" exactly does mean. 

Graziano Beolchi CEO Cleankeeping

As you can see, Cleankeeping is working very hard to provide you the best solution for your business. This is a different approach, but it works. Of course, this is not not all,, we are very selective on the people and entrepreneurs we work with.

Pollution remediation, energy generation and greenhouse gases abatement can be achieved now by leveraging the power of some - not - currently - used natural materials.

Let's start using them for setting a new standard.

Are you ready to make your business grow?

Click Here

Download Our CleanBook

This is the "short" version of CleanBook. You'll find a detailed presentation of the 4 steps to take for making your business much more sustainable over time. Start attracting more clients and be known as THE expert in your area right now!


About the Author

Graziano Beolchi (Dr.G) is an environmental & public health doctor working for 10+ years in the research of natural solutions to waste disposal, pollution remediation & natural energy generation.

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