Food Waste Is An Evergreen For Your Business

By Graziano Beolchi | Updates

Feb 24

Food Waste is handy to use and makes your business able to reach outstanding results. You should learn more about its full potential.

Food waste is among the very few natural tools you can adapt to basically every niche related to pollution removal & green energy generation. Most important, you can do both with the same staring material.

Let's see why we might say that food waste is an evergreen for your business.

Food Waste To Remove Pollution

Food waste is one of the most powerful natural tools to remove pollution. That's why we must consider it as an "evergreen" for most companies working in the "environmental services" big niche.

The application of food waste can occur alone, or combined with other natural resources (or waste). In the first case, you only have to collect waste from your client then use it in the most appropriate way. You have two options:

  • as it is, in the case you are working to remove pollution (just like a biofilter does)
  • through composting (and this is a great solution if you want to recover energy from the process)

Whatever your choice, please remember an important feature: food waste is a very versatile resource, but you must not consider it "as a whole". In fact, depending on which type of waste you collect, the final remediation outcome may vary accordingly.

So, it's really very important to assess what your target is, then think about if and how the addition of food waste to your activity may be beneficial to your business and your client as well.

Keep in mind that when composted, food waste may serve two purposes. You can in fact remove (degrade) pollution during the process, but it's not all. You also can apply the final product (compost) to adsorb other pollutants (mostly from the water).

Another great opportunity of food waste for pollution removal: you can create very effective biofilters to protect your clients from stormwater runoff.

So, please think about that.

When a client comes to you for your service, you can integrate your current offer and expertise with the addition of some "top-notch" advanced benefits, and basically for free.

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By leveraging the power of your client's food waste you may have the opportunity to present a "stand out" proposal for an enhanced service that nobody else will be able to carry out.

To sum up, the inclusion of food waste to your services list may include:

  • increased removal of pollutants you are asked to cleanup (food waste acts like the "enhancer" of this process)
  • creation of a small, although beneficial, amount of new energy (to further reduce costs and/or to ease the process)
  • creation of highly valuable biofilters for airborne pollutants (to further cut emissions from industrial plants)
  • creation of easy to use and effective biofilters to remove pollution by stormwater runoff (highly recommended in case of disasters, heavy rains etc.)
  • last but not least, a much wiser and convenient disposal of organic waste for your client (additional service  that makes you a LEADER into the industry)

Food waste enables very many opportunities. However, it must be used with care. That's why if you are interested in doing more for your business by including one or more of such great opportunities, give us a call.

We'll be more than happy to assist.‚Äč

Food Waste To Create Energy

Food waste is also a "must" for energy generation through biomass. However, we must point out some important aspects, that are not so very well known.

First of all, you may want to decide which precise type of energy is better for your needs (or, we'd say, your clients needs). There are in fact two types of energy to consider: thermal (heat) and biogas.

The first type of energy is generated by the common composting process, in the presence of oxygen. The second one occurs when waste is composting in the absence of oxygen instead.

Concerning heat (thermal energy), this is a very "basic" for of energy. In fact, during composting temperatures rise, and such heat can be directed to the most needed use.

About Food Waste & Climate

Please note that such opportunity is strongly dependent on ambient temperature. In fact, composting for thermal energy may be significantly hindered by warm climates. This does mean that the geographic data of your activity are very relevant to the final outcome.

It's possible to overcome the issue. The best way to do it is by changing the composition of bacteria inside the composting unit. So, you have to develop a little knowledge on what bacterial population is better for your needs. But no problem, we are here to help. So, if you are interested in learning more, contact us at your convenience.

The other opportunity is to generate biogas. This happens when your waste undergoes a fermentation with no oxygen.

It's a bit more complicated process, especially for what concerns the recovery of finally obtained energy.

If your client is a quite "technological" business, you may be able to leverage its no longer used tools or resources to create this type of energy in addition to your offer. By the way, please do not rely on too complicated or external supplies to create biogas as a bonus.

In some cases, this might not be totally worth.

Food Waste As Business Improvement

Let's recap the importance of food waste for environmental service providers.

Companies that already work in this niche (waste disposal) should think about the opportunity to improve the offer for their clients. By including other waste and/or changing the treatment type (composting or raw application) it's really possible to provide additional benefits to the client.

Companies that don't work with food waste may be concerned about this opportunity. They lack in the expertise needed to perform a great work. However, keep in mind that the application of food waste and the composting treatment are easy to perform. Basically everyone can do that. So, if you can collect the proper amount of food waste, you only need to follow some simple steps to achieve results.

And we are here to help you succeed.

Contact us to schedule a call and let's see what we can do for you!

Energy from food waste is a very interesting opportunity. Heat and biogas are the results of a process in the presence or in the absence of oxygen, respectively.

To be honest, the first one is easier to obtain, although the other may be more profitable. The decision it depends on the following factors:

  • which client are you working for (it may have additional, unused resources able to ease the process for biogas generation, or not)
  • the opportunity to carry out a good "advanced recycling" to prepare at best composting units for the generation of new energy
  • the availability of some food waste able to enhance the generation of new energy and/or the removal of more pollution
  • the possibility of applying the final compost for further pollution removal purposes

It's very important to take care of all the above mentioned aspects, in order to make the best possible informed decision.

Whatever the starting condition, food waste is a great help for companies working in the environmental services niche.

And this applies to all.

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Graziano Beolchi (Dr.G) is an environmental & public health doctor working for 10+ years in the research of natural solutions to waste disposal, pollution remediation & natural energy generation.