Military Sector Training

Treating the most hard to treat

Military bases, shooting ranges and every area where a military or international security operation takes place, are among the most polluted places on the earth.

​We developed a series of strategies to strongly reduce the presence of pollutants in such areas, mostly intended for government agencies, military institutions and international organizations (like peacekeeping missions).

In order to give even more value to this highly targeted, special strategies, we show how to recover energy from the natural transformation of pollutants left by wars, conflicts and/or military vehicles and weapons.

We "dream" an international agency of "Energy Peace-building" totally aimed at helping millions of people overcoming poverty, damages and destruction through the availability of new, usable energy generated by the transformation of pollution brought by wars and conflict all around the world.

In the meantime, we created a separate website to better present our portfolio of solutions for the military/security sector. If you are a professional or simply interested, check it right now. More and more solutions will come soon.

The special section dedicated to solutions for removing pollution left by conflicts and turn them into new, energy with the use of local resources