Going Mobile For Service Providers: Guidelines

By Graziano Beolchi | Updates

Mar 10

Going mobile for environmental service providers is essential to fit clients needs. But this doesn't mean what you may think about.

Going mobile for most environmental services is a very special task. We are not talking about "mobile devices" and neither ICT tools. Environmental & energy service providers must prepare themselves to work with "mobile units". This applies to both pollution degradation/removal and to energy generation. A huge opportunity to expand their business "on demand",

Let's see why we might say that going mobile is one of the most important challenges that serious entrepreneurs in the field of environmental services must accept without any hesitation.

Going Mobile For Pollution Removal

Going mobile is an asset. However, this doesn't mean that you should to reinforce your presence on mobile communication devices. For sure this is good, but it's not what we are going to consider right now.

In this case, "going mobile for service providers" does mean that your business has to develop a strategy able to work "off the site".

To be more clear, you should prepare your company to work with "mobile decontamination units".

By doing so, you'll be able to satisfy a lot more clients.

Moreover, your activity will expand to more and more scenarios.

Your earnings will grow accordingly.

So, what "going mobile" does really mean?

It's very simple: you have to build some easy-to-use mobile decontamination chambers to degrade, remove or recover your target pollutants (please read this blog post on the importance of these three steps for your business).‚Äč

Straight to the point, your business must walk through the following tasks:

  • identify what pollutants can be well removed (or degraded) with "off-site" treatments
  • collect and prepare the most effective natural resources for the purpose (meaning that you must walk through the 1st step of the "waste to waste for energy" strategy - click here for more insights
  • build some "mobile decontamination units" in the simplest way possible (meaning that you should literally pick some no longer used tanks or containers; you also can create them from scratch by using some available and inexpensive unused materials); please note that you must follow precise guidelines provided by the "advanced recycling", you can read here
  • make available your "mobile service" to the client's needs on demand, even under emergency conditions

In other words, we are talking about a very hight adaptation capability that your business must ensure to clients.

You should be able to bring the natural remediation even outside the facility, to expand your frontiers. To do so, you must carefully select which kind of natural processes are fitting the client's needs. 

If you are working for pollution degradation, you should ask to yourself if the client may benefit from the generation of new energy during the process, then adapt the method accordingly.

The availability of a "mobile decontamination unit" does not only allow to make the work easier and more rapid. Your service will be good even under the worst case scenarios and your reliability will skyrocket soon.

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We are not going to consider how to create these "mobile decontamination units" right now. They may vary a lot, depending on the different purposes for which they are built.

What matters most is that you definitely can build such mobile units and bring them to the benefit of basically every contaminated area in need.


Your service may be focused solely on this very special type of intervention, meaning that your company will be a top-notch reference to solve emergencies and suddenly occurred contamination facts.

You has the chance to become a problem solver for other "regular" environmental service providers.

In fact, you can bring your intervention outside a contaminated site, while your competitors only can work inside a facility.

That's one of the best asset for your company, an opportunity not to miss.

Going Mobile For Energy Generation

Mobile units may serve very well to energy generation purposes as well.

However, what we suggest at most, is always to couple energy generation with natural remediation (or removal) activities. This because you'll gain two benefits at one. Moreover, if your client doesn't show any interest in this new energy you created, you may benefit from it for yourself and your company.

There is not so much to add about mobile units for energy generation. They are built just like those intended for the natural remediation or removal of pollutants.

More than "how" to build them, another aspect should focus our greatest attention. We are talking about "where" to build and locate them, to ensure the best benefit to your business.

We'll disclose it in the following paragraph. For now, let's consider that you may build such mobile decontamination units outside or inside your client's facility (or targeted site).

This does mean two things: 

  • a mobile energy generation unit is built and located outside a facility and then brought where your client needs for making new energy available at its convenience (i.e. a specific part of its production chain that needs more energy - such as to refrigerate, to provide heat, to provide biofuel or whatever it may be)
  • a mobile energy generation unit is built and located inside the facility just like a service provided for your client; it will continue using such facility at its convenience, for providing energy on a constant basis, over and over again

Think about that: your service may increase its versatility. In fact, you can provide "energy on demand" but, according to client's needs, you also can provide it a working mobile unit able to work for a longer time.

Energy On Demand: a great opportunity

It depends on your client, but you must present this additional opportunity to it. This means that you can bring energy on demand (in the first case). In the other case, you are providing a tool to generate additional energy that clients may use on their own for a longer time.

Please note that such energy is generated by relying on natural resources (waste, biomasses or other spent resources). Mobile units are built with unused tools and materials, you can find inside or outside the facility (according to principles of the "advanced recycling").

The generation of new energy "on demand" is a real innovation, and in the following paragraph we are going to discover what are the most interesting application domains your business should jump on.

Like we said in many occasions before, it's so smart to couple the energy generation with the natural remediation (or removal) of pollutants.

This is the real asset for using mobile units like those described above.

Going Mobile For Filling A Gap

Going mobile for environmental service providers is then very important. Not only for their business and the increased accountability & reliability among clients. Companies are going to make a huge and positive impact on the environment, public health and social development.

The key for using such mobile natural decontamination and/or energy generation units is the chance of making the service available "on demand".

De able to deliver your service on demand, for your best benefit

Be able to deliver your service on demand, for your best benefit

This means that by implementing this capability, your business is immediately able to satisfy many important needs.

All these needs represent a "gap" to fill, and this exactly is the main aim of your business.

So, let's see the most significants gaps that mobile units for the natural remediation of pollution and for the energy generation are filling.

  • natural disasters energy shortages - this is a huge problem, that occurs all around the world, in any country at all latitudes; the availability of mobile units to generate energy (and basically for free) is a life-saver; in order to fill this gap, your business still must leverage the power of locally available resources and, if possible, should also contribute to remove (transform) debris and damages left by the disaster; this would speed a lot the rehabilitation phase
  • technological disasters rapid contamination - the remediation of pollution after an industrial accident is almost always incomplete; the high load of pollutants and especially their widespread diffusion are the most common obstacles to the effective removal; the prompt availability of mobile decontamination units allows to precisely target where pollutants are detected and, even more important, areas from where they can move and spread further; a great opportunity to be hired for longer period of time
  • point-source of a confined contamination - there are so underrated leaks and spills of polluting compounds; most companies do not take the necessary care because it may be too expensive or logistically hard to reach such areas; so, by moving a mobile decontamination unit, it may be possible to reach the most hard to reach sites and treat them; despite the possibly lower extension of the target area, your business will gain an outstanding trust by the client
  • business expansion - in one word, your business is going to expand; in fact, you can leverage the power of external resources and bring them to another site, to solve an issue; then you can recover energy or other transformation products and re-direct them to other sites, and so on; your frontiers will no more hindered by a geographic limitation and neither a technological one; you doesn't need any more resources, simply because you collect what you need thanks to your capability to move

For sure the "moving unit" has some costs, but you'll increase earnings too. So, it's very important to assess your starting conditions and, depending on your specific situation, you'll decide what to do.

One more time, we are here to help. So, drop us a line if you'd like to know how to add a "mobile service" to your portfolio.

Your business will move to a whole new level.

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Graziano Beolchi (Dr.G) is an environmental & public health doctor working for 10+ years in the research of natural solutions to waste disposal, pollution remediation & natural energy generation.