The Missing Ring For Environmental Business

By Graziano Beolchi | Updates

Feb 12

The missing ring for environment & energy companies is the key for making your business stand out over the competition.

The missing ring for companies working in the environmental & energy sector is presented here. We know that's so important for growing business. And companies can make it available right away. Without any efforts..

Let's see what we are talking about.

Surpassing the "old school" concept

We introduced our proprietary strategy and we still strongly suggest to take advantage of it right away. To better understand the importance of this "missing ring", we have to  consider what has been until now.

With regard to the "waste for energy" strategy, we noticed that many benefits are coming. First of all, the great opportunity to improve the safe disposal for organic waste. Secondly, the natural energy that originates from the process can be produced "by the community for the community".

From Waste

The safer disposal of waste allows to treat one of most urgent problems at our days.

To Energy

Recovering energy from waste is good, although we can't use all available wastes.

This is very good, because it empowers the people and make them aware on they essential role in the path towards a better and really sustainable development.

However, we must do more. To be honest, we are forced to do more.

In fact, we are dealing with very serious issues at the global scale. They are environmental pollution and energy availability. Not to mention the alarming presence of greenhouse gases that harm the climate and the planet as well.

The current scenario is even worsened by the presence of a huge amount of waste to dispose of. Organic waste, as well as plastic waste and industrial byproducts will always play a fundamental role in threatening the environment, the public health and more in general the human race. ​

So, what if it may be possible to solve all these issues at the very same time? Or, at least, remove a significant amount of pollution and turn it into new energy? And basically for free?

Think about that: what if environmental & energy companies would be able not only to "remove" pollution and disposing of bulky waste, but rather to TRANSFORM them into new, healthy and clean energy for free?​

This exactly is the reason that guided us in looking for a new, more sustainable strategy. We'd say, a "problem solving" sustainable strategy.

The "missing ring" is the evolution of the "old school" waste for energy framework. We added a single step to it.

A small addition, for a game changing approach.​

The missing ring explained

From waste to waste for energy. This second step, "to waste", is the missing ring for making an environmental & energy business ready to stand out.

This addition envisages the application of waste to remove pollution, then recover energy during the process (in some cases) immediately before or after (in some others). Depending on the selected resources we'll have the answer (do you remember the 4 steps to take? Click here if you need a recap).

From Waste

We can dispose of waste in a better way.

To Waste

We treat pollution in a natural way with waste.

For Energy

We recover clean energy at the same time

There is no more to add. In fact, by applying some waste (or readily available natural resources) to remove pollution, you can achieve two equally important goals. Without the need to invest more, because you already own these resources (or, at least, you can collect them at zero-costs).

So, the missing ring allows you to remove pollution and dispose of a bulky waste at the very same time. But it's not all.

We have to be smart, and select the best natural resources for making possible another extremely successful outcome. The generation of new natural energy.

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This is exactly what we help companies achieve. Follow our private group on LinkedIn to stay updated about everything related to this special approach. Pollution removal, disposal of waste and energy generation are closely related. And the missing ring is what ties such important results together.

If you are working on "waste for energy" alone, you are going to miss at least two additional advantages. The energy generation and the pollution remediation. And this precisely is what your competitors already are doing.

And for sure you don't want to be like them. You need to set your business apart from the competition. 

The missing ring for your business improvement

Companies that implement this strategy gain a lot of advantage over their competitors. Their services offer is in fact more complete, and clients look at them just like THE most important service providers in their niche.

A suggestion: try to identify some very special natural resources around you, and become an expert in the use of such tools (and their possible alternatives). By doing so, you'll be the most respected expert for what concerns the solution of a very specific problem. And this will be YOUR main niche.

As you know, the "environmental & energy services" is a really big industry, so it's wiser to find your niche then become a leader for that service. The missing ring is your "secret weapon", because you can provide more benefits to your clients (less pollution, more energy, waste savings) without the need to ask for more. But you are going to earn more. Which is great.

In any case, you can find the right solution for making the missing ring operational. Of course, we can't say right now what you should use as a natural resource, because every company is different. Moreover, your choice also should depend on your geographic area. Exploiting local resources is a must, for many reasons we'll cover in future posts.

So, let us help you in boosting your business by adding this missing ring to your company. We'll see how to fit your needs as soon as we can. Send us a message to schedule a call and we'll be more than happy to find the best solution.

For you, for your business and for the planet as well.

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About the Author

Graziano Beolchi (Dr.G) is an environmental & public health doctor working for 10+ years in the research of natural solutions to waste disposal, pollution remediation & natural energy generation.