Training companies on how to transform bad pollution into good energy and even remove greenhouse gases in 4 simple steps.

All this is possible with the help of some local resources that companies already own (even though they don't use them). You'll get more clients because your company will be able to generate benefit from scratch, and you'll extend your working area.


Plenty of environmental & energy companies see the vast opportunity to start using different natural resources to boost their business and make a more positive impact into the environment, but few are actually benefiting from them. Or, at least, they focus the attention on a very limited number of such natural resources.

We've found that most organizations and companies either don’t have the opportunity to do it themselves, or more commonly don’t have the in-house expertise to select, collect, prepare and apply new natural resources to remove pollution and generate energy at the very same time.

That's what really makes the difference and set your business apart from the competition.

So, let us do it for you.

To make an example: are you working in the pollution remediation industry? For sure you can increase your removal effectiveness by adding to your "working tools" some natural materials available in your geographic area. They are inexpensive and ready for the use.

Perhaps are you looking for new raw materials to increase the generation of green, sustainable energy? Let us showing what you can do by adding a single or a few organic tools to your production chain, whatever your industry is. From fossil fuel to biomass energy.

Finally, what about greenhouse gases? The application of selected natural tools allows you to cut (almost to zero) greenhouse gases released by most polluting energy companies. So, just imagine how your business can be beneficial to clients and to the planet as well.

To sum up, we are different from the others because by following our sequential process you can get value even from polluted resources. You'll learn how to transform them for good. 

If you want to look deeper in our approach, check the page that presents our proprietary strategy "from waste to waste for energy". An evolution of the old "energy from waste" concept.​

Our Founder, Dr. Graziano Beolchi, has 10+ years of experience in this field, and we can support your business like anybody else. Simply put, we teach you what to use in order to boost your environmental and energy activity without the need to invest in complicated technologies, machinery or external supplies.

We show you how to remove pollution and turn it into green energy, for a double saving: good for the environment (less pollution), good for your company (better effectiveness), with great growth opportunities (you can create more energy then sell it)​.

To be more precise, you find below the 4-steps process that guides everything.



You learn how to select some profitable and friendly natural resources.



You learn how to select the right natural process to boost your business.



You learn how to take care of all aspects during the work & avoid side effects.



You learn how to tweak the system for getting the best possible result.

Our journey as a company started in 2013, but our experience is much longer. Here's why.

Cleankeeping was launched after a successful experience in the use of composting for removing pollution and turn it into natural energy.

From here, we extended the framework to many industrial sectors, like other fossil fuels, but also recycling, biomass, water treatment and even military bases. They are among the most polluted places on earth and represent the best "beta-testing" field for our solutions.

We think that the environmental remediation as well as the creation of natural energy from waste are not only good for the planet, but should also be highly profitable for companies.

We want to reward at best entrepreneurs like you who care about the planet. And we believe that a good way to do that is giving a boost to your business. Sounds good?

Since we started, we constantly improved. And we will.

We started small, to fit needs of SMEs in matter of environmental remediation and energy generation. Our main focus is to create a plan that is consistent with the size and the specific working domain of your business. But there is much more.

We are developing now an exclusive approach for solving some serious issues in matter of carbon remediation. So, if your company wants to make a positive impact on climate change, drop us a line.

We are also continuously growing our database of natural resources to use for our special strategy "from waste to waste for energy". This means that we can by now help companies even out of the environmental sector. In fact, we make them able to put in place some easy but effective solutions to reduce waste and their industrial emissions by leveraging the power of what they already own inside the facility..

We do a huge work in reviewing the best international scientific publications and we translate them into the practice as much as we can. We currently have at least 53 (always increasing) special strategies fitting most environmental/energy needs. The vast majority of them allow companies to recover energy.

1867 Evaluated Papers
53 Special Strategies
284 Usable Resources
5 Great Achievements

Meet Dr. Graziano Beolchi, Founder of Cleankeeping

Hi! And thank you so much for visiting my website. I am the founder of Cleankeeping and I worked in the environmental & energy sector for the last 10 years. I develop solutions to help your business getting more sustainable because I strongly believe that entrepreneurs can make the world a better place, more than anybody else.

So, you may be wondering: why don't you create a company for yourself to get huge money? Well, that's the point. I want to make impact, to be honest.. I'd like to set up a new standard. But, I can't do everything alone. So, I just want to work with as much as companies I can in order to make a bigger impact.

Quite ambitious? Definitely possible, I'd say. My experience in fact taught me that there are so many underrated and currently not used natural resources around us. Most of them have a huge power for improving pollution remediation and creating natural energy basically for free.

So, I decided to start looking for what already has be done. I am amazed by the very many great solutions that already might be applied on the field, despite they are so little known.

I used to be a teacher for healthcare professionals, and I also have been the president of the European chapter of an international NGO (Friends Of The United Nations). More recently, I worked to a project for the environmental sustainability in one of the most crucial petrochemicals area of Southern Europe.

All these experiences are important and I learned a lot from each of them. But the most important and touching was my activity in Africa (Burkina Faso), in 2010. I had the occasion to work with some great organizations (African & international ones) for a pioneering project in matter of local vegetables, flowers & plants for removing pollution and protect the people from the re-contamination of crop fields.

There I realized that the answers we look for to all our environmental problems are provided by the same nature. That's why I decided to transform natural principles into the practice. And I created the unique strategy that is currently helping companies becoming much more sustainable over time.

My idea of "entrepreneurship" is: let's d the best for the planet, money will come "naturally". 

I am excited to share with you my work and my expertise, because I grew up in a extremely polluted place, very close to one of the biggest European refineries. And I want to make a change.

I know you want that too.

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